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Inna Heathrow Escort Service

Bouncing your balls on a girls chin as she deep throats your dick is an experience that every guy should get to have many times in his life. Sadly, a lot of girls either don’t know how to take cock so far down their throat or they just flat out refuse to try. If this is the dilemma that you have found yourself in, don’t fret. Heathrow Escort Services can supply you with sexy girls that know how to go down, give head, and handle a massive blast of cum. Far from angels, they are sinners with stunning looks and horny tendencies. These are professional oral sex providers.

Choose the escort you want, book the appointment and then get ready to have your hard cock worshiped. While no necessary, it is a good idea to do some manscaping before hand. Would you rather she gag on your cock or choke on your pubes? Exactly.

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Laura Escort in London

Eating pussy is more than simply licking. Tongues are amazing tools, but you have to use them properly if you want to get optimum results. Do not use the sharp tip of your tongue unless you want to annoy her. Do use the flat of your tongue in broad strokes to make her writhe in arousal. Use your fingers or a toy to massage her vagina while your tongue works the clit. The key word there is “massage”. If you drill and dig, thighs will close and no more pussy juice for you. These are all things that OWC escorts can teach you in person. It’s a good idea to bring in two girls so that you can watch them demonstrate before they bring your face in to try out your new skills. By the way, that face should be either clean shaven or hairy enough that you won’t irritate a silky cooch with your rough stubble. Plus these South Woodford girls will be gazing up at your face as they blow you later, so you should make it presentable.

After your in-depth lesson in cunnilingus, get rewarded with some fantastic fellatio. Have the girls go down on you and take turns sucking off your cock until you bathe them both in your cum.