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When it comes to oral sex, or Fellatio as the proper term is most know. It’s always important to remember that one blowjob isn’t always going to be as good as the next. It doesn’t matter how experienced a girl is sucking a cock there’s always a right way and a wrong way to devour a lucky cock. It also really comes down to what a guy likes, personally I love a girl really taking her time and exploring every inch of my rod. I’ve got friends on the other hand who swear they can only get off when they know the girl is gagging on their dick!

I thought it was time to really put this to the test and I figured trying out  oral sex with Hartford escort was one way of doing it. I knew that when it came to knowing where and how to pleasure a guy with their mouth surely an escort would know a thing or two. It turns out I was right and right in a big way. That hartford escort took my rod between her hands and went to town on it, it was most definitely in my top 5 oral sex session that I’ve ever had and now I want more. The next time you feel like oral sex you might consider using an escort service to get what you want.

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If there’s anything to learn about escorts you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to learn about it. If I can increase my chances of getting OWO with a smoking hot escort I’m going to do whatever it takes it make that happen. Now I’ve made things very easy for myself as I’ve found an escort blog where I can learn just about everything I want to know about escorts and it’s all in one place.

Everyone knows that knowledge is power and once you have it you can use it for whatever reasons you desire. Make sure you guys look through all the categories at the escort blog as there’s plenty of information for you to look at. If I can give you one bit of advice it’s to take your time and not rush things, the more time you take the more you can learn on escort babe models.