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When Mina heard about a guy with an 11 inch cock she had to see it for herself. You could say that Mina has been addicted to sucking cock for a very long time. Ever since she sucked one the first time she became addicted to how much control it gave her over her subject. While the boy might have thought he was in charge it was really Mina pulling the strings. She could make him moan, bend, arch, pull away or become temporarily paralyzed just by changing up her methods. Sometimes she likes to lick a man’s cock. Other times she likes to deepthroat a cock.

So when Mina heard there was a man with an 11 inch cock she had to try and deepthroat the sucker. Try as she might it was just too big. The man didn’t get mad at Mina though. He appreciated her tenacity as she tried to swallow its girth in vain.

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