For as long as I live, I will remember Cathy. She was friends with my cousin and came along with her the year we had a week-long family reunion at a campground. She was a Southern girl with the sort of accent that sounded like trailer park chatter. She laughed at everything, but couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation to save her life.

The second night at camp, she crawled into my tent and showed me her little tits and dry humped me, while my brother snored next to us. The third night, she fucked me. I pulled out just in time and she managed to catch most of my cum in her mouth. She looked like she loved it.

Cathy had me sneak off with her quite a few times during that trip, and she always wanted my cum in her mouth. Always. I would have cum anywhere just to get to keep fucking her, but it was like she craved the salty jizz and I wasn’t going to argue.

I have never known another girl so eager to eat my cum, but all of the babes inside of seem to share that same craving. Watching those hot teens and college girls milking out every drop as though it’s a reward for a job well done brings back some really hot memories for me.

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When I was still in school I spent the night with a friend one night and it changed my life. Everyone was fast asleep, or so I thought, and I just couldn’t get my mind to shut off. I went to the kitchen to see if maybe a snack with help. My friend’s mom was already in there and happy to make me a sandwich. She had on a silky night robe and I swear nothing underneath. I wasn’t the least bit worried about that sandwich anymore. I wanted a different snack. I walked by her and casually pushed my cock up against her as I went by. She knew I was hard and this MILF was willing to help me get back to sleep.

She opened up her robe right in front of me and I almost fainted. She was perfect. She dropped to her knees right there in the kitchen and sucked my cock until I thought my head would blow off.

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