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Up until yesterday, I thought Asians were the group responsible for the best blowbangs and bukkake. Then I watched Germans doing it, and I have got to say, they make for some incredible competition in this niche of smut.

Right now you can get 75% off German Goo Girls with our discount and see it for yourself. The title of the site should be a pretty good indication that things get messy there, but until you watch, you really have no idea. There is jizz everywhere. Women get plastered by cum load after cum load. It is wild, raunchy, and even a little hard to watch at times.

I think one of the biggest differences I notice between Asian and German porn like this, is that the German girls come across as way more slutty and a lot less submissive. It’s like they are there to be the star of the smut party and to prove they are hardcore enough to handle the train of men with their dicks out and waiting.

What do you think?