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Cheek Retractor bondage Cheek Retractor bondage by itself

As a master of several oral princesses I have obtained through online dating sites I am always looking interesting ways to keep a mouth open and readily accessible to my cock. With simple cheek retractor does the trick nicely. It is very easy to set and once in it requires a hand to remove it. If you have your princess’s hands tied behind her back she is going to be ready for your cum any time you want to deliver it!

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SexiChiliSSBBW blowing a blowpop thinking about your cock

One night a few years out of high school I was at a party when this girl nobody really liked all that much raped this dude that was passed out in a side room. I walked in to grab some more liquor from a cabinet when I saw her sucking his cock. This poor guy had no idea who was blowing him. He just knew it felt good. I moved into the shadows and watched some more. She worked on him like a porn star. While she blew his prick she fingered herself with a hand up her skirt. My cock started getting hard watching!

Seeing SexiChiliSSBBW working on this blowpop makes me think about what happened next that night. I tucked my cock into my belt and pulled my shirt over it. Then I dropped off the liquor for the people playing quarters and went back to the girl blowing cock. I tapped her on the shoulder and told her to follow me. We headed over to a dark corner of the room and I pulled my cock out so she could suck it.

It was the best blowjob I ever had. Mainly because she knew she wasn’t pretty enough to fuck this shit up. If she bit me even once I’d kick that bitch to the curb. I ended up cumming all over her fat face and she seemed to get off on it. She hit her orgasm and fell into me as my jizz dripped onto her shirt. I had to push her away and lean her on the wall so she didn’t get my spunk on me too.

That bitch was a skank. But there are plenty of BBW cams with cute faces on for you to jerkoff with. You might even find somebody you know!