How many times have you looked in the mirror and you said to yourself, “I’m having a tough time trying to find sex near me.” Well, if you’re trying to find sex near you, understand that the act of finding is what makes it so difficult. Because when you say you’re trying to find sex near me, you are shaping your reality into a form that makes it more unworkable.

I know that sounds quite discouraging, negative even, but it’s the dose of cold, hard reality that you need. It’s kind of like that being dumped in ice cold water during the ice bucket challenge. You need to have that happen to your personal narrative, otherwise, any sort of progress when it comes to banging chicks, getting better jobs, making more money, and otherwise applying yourself in life, becomes impossible. Because most guys approach this project from how it benefits them. It’s selfish in nature. It goes in one direction. And that’s why guys trip up again and again.

You have to understand that the sexiest person in this world is somebody who can actually connect. Unfortunately, most of us have been trained to not connect. Instead, we connect to a certain degree just to get what we want, and then we move on to the next. And then the next.

I’m talking about everything. I’m not just talking about sex. I’m not just talking about sexual conquests or partners. I’m talking about everything in your life. Once you sidestep that mindset, things blow up because it’s no longer about grasping, it’s no longer about attachment, it’s no longer about wanting to be something or trying to be somebody. Instead, it’s all about being.

I know that sounds heavy, but it really is quite light because you’re already there. You’re just too busy piling on all these bullshit, obscuring your view and settling for crumbs. Think about these things the next time you say to yourself, “I want to figure out how to find sex near me.” It’s actually more simpler than you think, just join